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Esoteric Astrology - Appendix - Suggestions for Students
The Planet Neptune

References in The Secret Doctrine and A Treatise on Cosmic Fire

  1. "Neptune does not really belong to our system, in spite of its apparent connection with the Sun. The connection is imaginary." (S.D. Vol. I, 129, Note)
  2. "Among the secret orbs or star Angels... Neptune was not included."
    (S.D. Vol. I, 629)
  3. "Neptune is the God of reasoning." (S.D. Vol. II, 840)
  4. "Sirius influences our entire solar system psychically via the three synthesizing schemes - Uranus, Neptune and Saturn." (C.F. 378)
  5. "There is a peculiar group of Beings connected with a certain constellation and the lesser Dragon who have their habitat on Neptune and work with the sixth principle in the solar system." (C.F. 534)
  6. "The Law of Sacrifice and Death is... in a mysterious way the reverse of the first law, that of Vibration. It is Vulcan and Neptune in opposition which is as yet an almost incomprehensible thing to us." (C.F. 597)
  7. "No man begins to coordinate the buddhic vehicle until he comes under the influence of Neptune... When this happens, his personality horoscope will show this influence as dominant." (C.F. 899)
  8. "The Neptunian scheme governs one of the three paths of return and gathers to itself eventually all those egos who attain primarily through handling sixth ray energy." (C.F. 899)
  9. "Neptune -
    1. Presides over and makes possible the 2nd initiation.
    2. Is one of the major synthesizing planets. [667]
    3. Is an absorbing or abstracting planet.
    4. Is connected with the perfecting process." (C.F. 899)
  10. "Neptune is the repository of the 'solar flames'." (C.F. 1154)
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