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Esoteric Astrology - Appendix - Suggestions for Students
Capricorn - Tenth Sign of the Zodiac

Reference in The Secret Doctrine

  1. "The Dhyanis were connected with the Crocodile and their abode in Capricornus." (Vol. I, 239)
  2. "Capricorn is the 10th sign of the zodiac... and has in it 28 stars."
    (Vol. II, 609 and 612)
  3. "There is a mystic connection between the names Makara and Kumara.
    1. It means and is connected with the pentagon.
    2. It represents fivefold man and therefore the five kumaras.
    3. It is related to the Ocean God.
    4. It personifies solar fire." (Vol. II, 609-610)
  4. "Capricorn is connected with the birth of the spiritual microcosm and with the death of the physical universe." (Vol. II. 612)
  5. "When the sun passes away behind the 30th degree of Capricorn and will reach no more the sign Pisces, then the Night of Brahma has come." (Vol. II, 612) [677]

References in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire

  1. "The mystery of Capricorn is hidden in these five (spiritual man, aspirant, disciple, initiate and adept) and in the Biblical words 'the sheep and the goats'." (706)
  2. "Once in the history of each scheme, an avatar from the constellation Capricorn appears on mental levels. This level is the lowest one on which these interplanetary deities appear. No more can be communicated on this matter. The mystery of the goat lies hidden here. This avatar makes His appearance in the third round of the third chain and disappears in the fifth round of the fourth chain." (727)
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