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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.P.R.
TO  D. P. R.

January 1933


For years you have been working with steadfastness and with a certain amount of ebb and flow. When an aspirant for discipleship has worked with persistency for years, his life tendency becomes oriented towards the light and this becomes a steady and fixed habit. This fact should prove a solace in [383] moments of discouragement that all aspirants at times experience.

It is because of this steadfastness that it now becomes possible to train your intuition so that when again your path is trodden in a return incarnation, your earthly life will start with that aligned attitude which will permit of early illumination.

You are experienced in the Way and even though your physical body is no longer young, the remainder of your life expression holds much for you, if the coming years are taken joyously and with high expectancy.

You have sought with diligence to follow my directions and I think you realize that much has been achieved. You have a greater clarity of insight (a thing you needed) and a freer and more rapid detachment. Much remains, however, to be done (and this again you know). Follow the instructions given to you earlier, but when you retire to your room at the stated intervals to carry forward your ten minutes' relaxation and thoughts on life and love, begin with the following exercise....

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