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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Introductory Questions
2. The Objective Development

This is sevenfold in evolution and in time, ninefold during obscuration, and tenfold at dissolution.


  1. The seven sacred planets of the solar system.
  2. The two which are hid, which are the synthesizing planets.
  3. The one final synthesizing planet - the Sun. Seven added to two added to one make ten.

There are ten centers in the Grand Heavenly Man.

A Heavenly Man

  1. The seven chains of a scheme.
  2. The two synthesizing chains.
  3. One ultimate chain. [267]

There are ten centers in a planetary Logos.


  1. The seven vehicles employed:
    1. The atmic sheath.
    2. The buddhic vehicle.
    3. The causal or egoic body.
    4. The mental body.
    5. The astral body.
    6. The etheric body.
    7. The dense physical.
  2. Two synthesizing bodies:
    1. The causal body.
    2. The physical body.
  3. One synthesizing body:
    1. The monadic sheath.

There are seven centers in the physical vehicle which correspond to these bodies, with the synthesizing centers at the heart and throat; the head is then the ultimate synthesizer. This tabulation deals entirely with the form side, and with the vehicles indwelt by the Logos, the Manasaputras and by Man.

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