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Abbreviations for Books by Alice A. Bailey
Abbreviations for the Books by Alice A. Bailey
IHS Initiation, Human and Solar
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1922
LOM Letters on Occult Meditation
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1922
CF A Treatise on Cosmic Fire
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1925
WM A Treatise on White Magic
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1934
DNA1 Discipleship in the New Age - Volume I
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1944
DNA2 Discipleship in the New Age - Volume II
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1955
PH Problems of Humanity
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1947
RC The Reappearance of the Christ
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1948
DN The Destiny of the Nations
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1949
GWP Glamor - A World Problem
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1950
TEV Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1950
ENA Education in the New Age
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1954
ExH The Externalization of the Hierarchy
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 19/19
EP1 Esoteric Psychology I
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1936
EP2 Esoteric Psychology II
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1942
EA Esoteric Astrology
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1951
EsH Esoteric Healing
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1953
R&I The Rays and the Initiations
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1960
LS The Light of the Soul: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1927
LH The Labors of Hercules
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1974
CA The Consciousness of the Atom
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1922
SM The Soul and its Mechanism
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1930
II From Intellect to Intuition
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1932
BC From Bethlehem to Calvary
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1937
UA The Unfinished Autobiography
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1951
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Dynamic Symbols

by Duane Carpenter
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Appendix IV: Trumpeted Words

Figure 37
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"...that vast mountain top which pierceth through the circumscribing wheel. This mountain top shineth with radiant light, reflected from the face of Him Whom the Lords of worlds within our solar sphere have never seen."

STANZA XXXIX (From Archaic Formulas. No. 49)
PATH III. Training for Planetary Logoi
Read more in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 1273

Taurus, the Vortex and the Divine Will

Although the intuition must often be activated to be able to understand many of the more abstract concepts presented by the Tibetan, sometime bringing together a number of isolated facts or insights into one collective whole can also bring clarity. This following commentary on the Wesak Full Moon in Taurus will attempt to do some of both.

Wesak is a high point for our planetary Logos. The three spring festivals create a wave of powerful energy that carries through the rest of the year. Taurus with its upturned horns symbolizes duality and the ability to break through all barriers until the goal is reached and the one Shamballic life pours forth. Taurus distributes through Vulcan first ray force and lies secretly behind the bull of duality or form nature. When the forms are adequately built and sufficiently energized the first ray destroys those forms by an outpouring of light and sound.

Service is a concept that has unfortunately been overly interpreted in personality terms by well-intentioned aspirants. The esoteric idea behind the concept of service is the discarding of those forms that are hindering, limited and are no longer needed. One does not esoterically "give up" but occultly "takes over" new vistas of energy and force. This is the joy and ecstasy of occult death and will define a whole new interpretation of service as we move into the age of Aquarius and come under the influence of the 1st, 4th and 7th rays.

"When the true nature of Service is comprehended, it will be found that it is an aspect of that divine energy which works always under the destroyer aspect, for it destroys the forms in order to release. Service is a manifestation of the Principle of Liberation, and of this principle, death and service, constitute two aspects. Service saves, liberates and releases, on various levels, the imprisoned consciousness. The same statements can be made of death. But unless service can be rendered from an intuitive understanding of all the facts in the case, interpreted intelligently, and applied in a spirit of love upon the physical plane, it fails to fulfil its mission adequately." (WM:537)
Read more in A Treatise on White Magic, p. 537

It is this 1st ray force that is the agency that opens the doorway to the constellation Taurus through which 4th ray buddhic healing life can pour down unimpeded onto our planet. Spiritual Love and Divine Will perfectly fused and blended can now be used for the redemption of man and the lower kingdoms.

The dual vortex is the medium through which this can work in several important ways. Energy or force first starts its movement from one level or plane to another by fiery lines of descending force. These connecting lines are then triangulated as energy now flows down and contacts three different levels of spiritual life. When the rotating force between these 3 points reaches a certain speed the vortex is created. The vortex is the crossover point between initial rotary motion and more advanced spiral-cyclic. One expresses the 3rd aspect of deity the other the second.

The study of the revolving triangles in the next animation, seen electrically, demonstrates the important cross-over point where energy and force rotating around three different points eventually becomes one seamless vortex-cone connecting all three, and how a lesser life can make contact or merge with a greater life by increasing its velocity of motion. Why is an understanding of the vortex so important? It shows where rotary motion makes an expediential leap into cyclic-spiral motion which is symbolic of how ray 3 eventually works its way up to the higher and more expansive ray 2.

There are three types of motion as outlined in A Treatise in Cosmic Fire and we have no intension in enlarging upon that theme in this section, but it would do well for the student to understand one of the key attributes and characteristics of rotary motion occultly understood. This fast moving rotation that keeps increasing in intensity and speed achieves to important dynamics.

1. It throws off and out of the auric field heavier atoms, and because in the center of all vortices is a vacuum, it pulls down from the next higher level more powerful atomic substance to take the place of the discharged elemental and devic substance that has served its purpose, but is no longer needed. These facts are a few of the basic ideas behind initiation that we will further elaborate and qualify in another section.

In this next animation titled green triangles (figure 37a) we can see the idea of rotary motion morphing and making the expediential leap into full blow cyclic-spiral motion. In another section we will expand on the idea of the science of triangles, and how energy flowing through the 3 points of every triangle eventually becomes a rotating vortex.

(Green Triangles) Figure 37a
Press Play to Watch Video


Each vortex that can be seen in this green rotating animation connects with a myriad of other triangles going up or down a musical, mathematical and colored scale.

In her Esoteric teachings HPB eloquently describes this dynamic in this way.

“The energy sources along the axis are the chakras. Each pulsating and sending out a vortex field of a specific quality of energy. These vortices, however many in number, when fully activated function according to the Hierarchal structuring principal of resonance, that is, when each succeeding center is activated, its vibrational tone includes the tones of all the centers below it and upon which it is based. But as in music, each tone has its overtones and so it may be said that the lowest contains the highest”

This is the law of analogy or correspondences seen visually, and according to DK they only way to free ourselves from the vast complexity of details that made up all of the occult teachings. Without images of this quality to help develop the higher mind and intuition, the student is led into an overwhelming labyrinth of obscure details, and esoteric minutiae.

DK’s statement in his teachings that the higher note of the disciple, the egoic note, must be first found in its lower corollary, the personality note, before the antakaranna bridge can be properly and scientifically built can only be understood when the idea of resonance is studied.


Properly constructed symbols and animations of this quality will come to express a new type of mental art that is as scientifically accurate, as they are pleasing esthetically to the human emotions and eye. Art, that can reflect the “light found within all forms” and become the occult Rosetta stone linking the seen from the unseen, the esoteric from the mundane.

Through the visual image we can be assisted in recognizing the sheer beauty, simplicity and power of what the Masters of the Wisdom have been trying to convey for thousands of years.

Only by comprehending the science of resonance can we be freed from the limitations of the lower mind and see the Initiation, or the spiritual path, as a holistic and organic process of enfoldment. Let me leave the reader with one additional quote by DK on the limitations of the concrete mind and its inability to see a larger and organic whole.

“The concrete mind often inhibits, as you well know, the free flow of ideas intuitively impulsed; it is with this free flow of the new ideas that the initiate is basically concerned, because it is ideas, their right application and interpretation, which determine the future of humanity and of the planetary life.” (DINA 2, 280-1)

Returning to our original commentary the Tibetan gives us some key insights into this process through his discussion of the sign Taurus and its relationship to Shamballa in Esoteric Astrology in a somewhat guarded and cryptic form. In speaking of the fixed cross on page 565 he quotes the Bible: "If thine eye be single thy whole body shall be full of light." On page 593 he says:

"Taurus is the mother of illumination, and the eye of the bull is the symbol of the eye to which Christ made reference."

"The light from the eye of the Bull which with ever increasing radiance has guided the struggling soul must give place eventually to the light of the Sun, for Vulcan is a substitute for the sun itself. It stands between the man and the Sun, the Soul. Therefore, we have in this connection three symbols of the light.

1. Taurus - The eye of illumination - The physical sun.
2. Vulcan - The Heart of the Sun.
3. The Sun - The Central Spiritual Sun." (EA:393)
Read more in Esoteric Astrology, p. 393

These next few statements by the Tibetan clarify a deep mystery of initiation around the "occult going up" or "mystic raising" of humanity into Hierarchy and Shamballa. The Aries ram, the Taurian bull, and the Capricornian goat, although representing different aspects of astrological life, are horned animals and have certain similarities in the symbolism of their dual horns. All are distributors of first ray force, and all three can be studied in connection with rotary and spiral-cyclical motion.

Figure 38a
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Figure 38b
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Figure 38c
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The rays in the images above are those coming from the Great Bear (Ursa Major) via the astrological constellation.   (Read more in Esoteric Astrology, p. 87)

The planetary rulers and rays that govern the path are below.   (Read more in Esoteric Astrology, pp: 66-68):

    Exoteric (Orthodox)
Ruler & Ray
  Esoteric (Disciple)
Ruler & Ray
Ruler & Ray
Aries   Mars - 6th Ray   Mercury - 4th Ray   Uranus - 7th Ray
Taurus   Venus - 5th Ray   Vulcan - 1st Ray   Vulcan - 1st Ray
Capricorn   Saturn - 3rd Ray   Saturn - 3rd Ray   Venus - 5th Ray

When rotary and spiral-cyclical motion are transcended we arrive at a place of Great Peace, a still point around which spiral and rotate the various types and grades of devic force that are used for building. Here in complete and total abstraction the Silence of High Places supervenes. The Aries ram, the Taurian bull and the Capricornian goat have all played their part and the Unicorn of Spirit has slain all the lower forms of material life. Duality has been overcome and the spiritual eye has now become single. It has been said that the physical sun is but an immense eye in which the Solar Logos looks out over its creation.

"The mystery of the Lion and the Unicorn. This secret is preserved for us in the ancient nursery rhyme about the "lion and the unicorn going up to town," and contains in a peculiar way the secret of initiation and the "going up" of the human being to the portal of admittance into the Hierarchy as well as the "mystic raising" of which Masonry holds the key. This deals with the emergence of the consciousness of the initiate (white and one-pointed) and the defeat of the king of beasts (the personality) leading to the triumph of group and world consciousness, of selflessness and illumination over self-consciousness and selfishness. In the true rendition of this ancient myth the king of beasts is blinded and killed by the piercing of his eye and heart by the long horn of the unicorn."  (EA:155)

Figure 38d: LEO
I am that and THAT I am
Click to see larger image.

"The symbol of this sign [Capricorn] is undecipherable and intentionally so. It is sometimes called the 'signature of God.' I must not attempt to interpret it for you, partly because it has never yet been correctly drawn and partly because its correct delineation and the ability of the initiate to depict it produces an inflow of force which would not be desirable, except after due preparation and understanding. It is far more potent than the pentagon and leaves the initiate 'unprotected.'" (EA:155)

"In an ancient astrological treatise which has never yet seen the light of day but which will be some day discovered when the right time has arrived, the relation between the horned animals of the zodiac is thus described:

"The Ram, the Scapegoat and the sacred Goat are Three in One and One in Three. The Ram becomes the second and the second is the third. The Ram that breeds and fertilizes all; the Scapegoat, in the wilderness, redeems that all; the sacred Goat that merges in the Unicorn and lifts impaled upon his golden horn the vanquished form - in these the mystery lies hid."   (EA:155-56)

"In both their higher and their lower aspects these signs hold the secret of the 'horns of strife and the horn of plenty subjected to and guarded by the horn of life.' Again, an ancient proverb runs: 'The Ram - when it has become the Scapegoat, has sought illumination as the Bull of God and has climbed the mountain top in the semblance of the Goat - changes its shape into the Unicorn. Great is the hidden key.'"  (EA:156)

Read more in Esoteric Astrology, p. 155

When rotary and spiral-cyclical motion are transcended we arrive at a place of Great Peace, a still point around which spiral and rotate the various types and grades of devic force that are used for building. Here in complete and total abstraction the Silence of High Places supervenes. The Aries ram, the Taurian bull and the Capricornian goat have all played their part and the Unicorn of Spirit has slain all the lower forms of material life. Duality has been overcome and the spiritual eye has now become single. It has been said that the physical sun is but an immense eye in which the Solar Logos looks out over its creation.

Most of the graphic and symbolic work found within these pages will not be properly understood or occutly appreciated until long after its author has transited to the other side of the great divide, and the average spiritual disciple, and occult student found along the Trans-Himalayan approach have further progressed.

To this symbol of Capricorn should be added the esoteric symbol of Saturn which is one of its predominate influences as well as Vulcan, remembering that Capricorn is one of the few signs that have the influence of three different rays available for its use and creative work, rays 1, 3 and 7 respectively.

This narrative outlined here can be seen to be under the influence of several Masters known to work along these 3 rays along with the main coordinating influence of Master DK. A collaborative experiment that brings in the idea of the Masters working in unison and under one integrative impression that DK called the ‘Principal of Directed Purpose’ or all of the seven rays synthesized into something new and historically dynamic.

Figure 38e
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Figure 38f
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Two additional quotes that can bring clarity to the influence of the 1st ray in both of the planets Vulcan and Saturn.

“The Moon (Vulcan).—This is the esoteric ruler. The significance of this is similar to that of the orthodox ruler. The Moon (or fourth ray energy) is here seen as an expression of first ray energy, manifesting through Vulcan. The Moon rules the form and it is the will of God to manifest through the medium of form.” (EA 264)

"In an ancient astrological treatise which has never yet seen the light of day but which will be some day discovered when the right time has arrived, the relation between the horned animals of the zodiac is…”

“It is only in the present cycle that the Sun and Moon "veil" certain planets and are the exoteric symbols for certain esoteric forces. As evolution proceeds, the planets will not be veiled. Their influences will not be so remote. At present the mechanism of the majority of the human family is not tuned to the reception of the rays from Vulcan, Uranus or Neptune whilst Pluto at present only evokes response from groups or from those disciples who are enough evolved rightly to respond. The three veiled planets—Vulcan, Uranus and Neptune are all sacred planets, embodying first, seventh and sixth ray energies. Vulcan is never an exoteric ruler and only comes into real activity when a man is on the Path.” (EA 510)

Returning to our focus to the main theme of this portion of the commentary and the three horned animals, DK further states.

"The Ram, the Scapegoat and the sacred Goat are Three in One and One in Three. The Ram becomes the second and the second is the third. The Ram that breeds and fertilizes all; the Scapegoat, in the wilderness, redeems that all; the sacred Goat that merges in the Unicorn and lifts impaled upon his golden horn the vanquished form - in these the mystery lies hid." (EA:155-56)

"In both their higher and their lower aspects these signs hold the secret of the 'horns of strife and the horn of plenty subjected to and guarded by the horn of life.' Again, an ancient proverb runs: 'The Ram - when it has become the Scapegoat, has sought illumination as the Bull of God and has climbed the mountain top in the semblance of the Goat - changes its shape into the Unicorn. Great is the hidden key.'" (EA:156)

The two horns mentioned here by DK are symbols of duality and esoterically relate the right and left channels of the great Kundalini force Ida and Pingala. These two force centers or channels run up and down to the right and left side of the disciple's etheric body. When both can become linked and fused there is now a free flow of energy and force from the highest levels to the lowest and the higher initiations can be taken.

This fusion is facilitated by the dynamic release of the great Kundalini force that begins at the 3rd initiation and climaxes at the 6th. The central channel of the kundalini fire, or sushumna, is symbolized by the unicorn's golden horn to which DK refers. The sinuous twisting of the great serpent Fire parallels in many respects rotary, spiral-cyclic motion as it makes its ascent up the spine and out the top of the head. The unicorn's golden horn best approximates exoterically these hidden and esoteric truths. The horn is "golden" because it is only through the great 4th ray of buddhic-love that this whole process can proceed with any degree of safety and according to occult law. The buddhic plane and the 4th ray occupy the position of divine mediators between spirit and matter.

We are told by DK that the 7th ray works through the base center in average humanity, through the 1st ray in advanced disciples, and through the 4th ray through the base of the spine in advanced initiates. This is also the basis of the great enunciation by the Christ "that no man goes to the Father (Spirit), but by way of the Son/Sun." Mercury, transmitting the great 4th ray, is the distributor of liberating force for humanity until much later, when the 2nd ray can be contacted and known.

The dual vortex creates the encasement or shell in which the central vacuum is created and the "thread of Fohat" flashes forth. Words are wholly inadequate here since at these refined levels words such as "encasement and shell" are completely misleading and lose almost entirely their esoteric meaning.

The Word of Life and the Word of Death
Esoteric Healing, pp. 468-69
Click to read more.
The Word of Life and the Word of Death

"Perhaps some lines from the Manual of Death which is to be found in the hierarchical archives would prove explanatory to you, and might aid you in gaining a new perspective upon death. This manual has in it what are called the "Formulas preceding Pralaya." These deal with all the death or abstraction processes, covering the death of all forms, whether it be the death of an ant, a man or a planet. The formulas concern only the two aspects of life and light - the first conditioned by Sound and the second by the Word. The writing which I have in mind concerns the light, and the Word which abstracts it from the form or focuses it within the form.

'Bear in mind, O Chela, that within the known spheres naught is but light responsive to the Word. Know that that light descends and concentrates itself; know that from its point of chosen focus, it lightens its own sphere; know too that light ascends and leaves in darkness that which it - in time and space - illumined. This descending and ascension men call life, existe

Light which descends anchors itself upon the plane of temporary appearance. Seven threads it outward puts, and seven rays of light pulsate along these threads. Twenty-one lesser threads are radiated thence, causing the forty-nine fires to glow and burn. Upon the plane of manifested life, the word goes forth: Behold! A man is born.

As life proceeds, the quality of light appears; dim and murky it may be, or radiant, bright and shining. Thus do the points of light within the [469] Flame pass and repass; they come and go. This men call life; they call it true existence. They thus delude themselves yet serve the purpose of their souls and fit into the greater Plan.

And then a Word sounds forth. The descended, radiating point of light ascends, responsive to the dimly heard recalling note, attracted to its emanating source. This man calls death and this the soul calls life.

The Word retains the light in life; the Word abstracts the light, and only That is left which is the Word Itself. That Word is Light. That Light is Life, and Life is God.'"

Read more in Esoteric Healing, pp. 468-69

The golden disk so often referred to in esoteric literature is the electrical doorway to the infinite and a bridge to Shamballa. The great 4th ray, as well as the great second ray of indigo blue, eventually become absorbed when the greater cycles end in pure praylayic darkness -- the unborn and the uncreated state of pure Being or primal darkness that exists prior to manifestation. It is the central laya point of fohatic Will that exists prior to form expression. It is the mysterious point within the circle whose circumference is everywhere and yet simultaneously is nowhere.

What is the mountain top of initiation so frequently referred to in esoteric literature but another symbol of the vortex-cone that each disciple must create in the meditative state in its different stages to reach perfection? What is the long horn of the unicorn but a symbol of rotary spiral-cyclic motion that climaxes in a searing point of piercing Will -- an inner trumpet out of the throat of which issues forth the sounds of God's hidden Purpose and Will, not language as we understand it, but pure first subplane devic fire? What distinguishes the new agni yoga teachings from all past work? The revelation that at the heart of each occult organism, chakra or force center, whether cosmic, systemic, or planetary, all are connected and fused by that point of pure fohatic Will? It is this identification that brings all diverse principles and laws into one synthetic whole.

Let me give a visual example of these three principle components -- color, the triangle, and the vortex -- and how they can be intimately connected for the full expression of some ray life from the highest levels to the lowest. An example of sixth ray force can be seen in Figure 39.

Graphic by Duane Carpenter
Figure 39
Here, through these different stages of descent, we see an unbroken
continuity through the color rose of high redemptive energy that once making
its impact on the human level circulates back to its originating source.
Click to see larger image.

What we have outlined here about the sixth ray can equally be stated about the other six divine rays. There is always an unbroken continuity and link between all the various ray expressions if one can learn the technique of following the light back to its original emanating point through the Law of Analogy. Human astral energy need not be a part of the great illusion if it can link back to its originating source.

An alignment with the cosmic astral plane begins with the color rose and conforms to the triangular relationship that leads to the vortex described in this commentary. The first point of the triangle starts from the cosmic astral plane from which this rose light descends to our Planetary Logos' astral body, which is the second point of the triangle. Then the third point of the triangle anchors itself in the purified astral energy of the Masters' ashrams. From this advanced triangle it can further descend into the astral body of humanity, the groups with whom disciples work, and then end with the individual astral body of the disciple -- one unbroken continuity of descending spiritual life connected through the principles of color, the triangle and the vortex.

The concepts above are very important because they concern how the "sound" and the "voice" can be contacted and used to destroy the four hindering veils through advanced group meditative work. These statements are important qualifications or lead-ins to working with the third formula of initiation.

Formula Three

"For long the teaching, given in the clear cold light, anent the door and the emphasis put upon the presentation of the door lying ahead of the aspirant has been made familiar, but that has been working with the lower aspects of the symbolism, even if aspirants did not realize it; they have been taught the fact of the light in the head, which is the personality correspondence to the clear cold light to which I refer. At the very center of that light, as many aspirants know theoretically or factually by inconstant experience, is a center or point of dark indigo blue - midnight blue. Note the significance of this in view of what I have been saying anent the "dark night," the midnight hour, the zero hour in the life of the soul. That center is in reality an opening, a door leading somewhere, a way of escape, a place through which the soul imprisoned in the body can emerge and pass into higher states of consciousness, untrammeled by form limitations; it has also been called 'the funnel or the channel for the sound'; it has been named the "trumpet through which the escaping AUM can pass." The ability to use this door or channel is brought about by the practice of alignment; hence the emphasis laid upon this exercise in the attempt to train aspirants and disciples."  (R&I:42)
Read more in The Rays and the Initiations, p. 42

Graphic by Duane Carpenter
Figure 9 (repeat)
From The Rays and the Initiations
Click to see larger image.

Figure 40
Click to see larger image.

"Trumpeted words" is a key phrase the Tibetan uses, to describe the third formula for group integration (see the DNA2 quote below). It is this formula which is according to him the "seed of all philosophies" and is instrumental in consummating the third initiation.

The vortex design which makes up the main body of the trumpet form creates the confining walls through which fohat or the enunciated "sound" can travel from higher levels to the lower with the least expenditure of energy and with the least resistance. (See Figure 40.) The main body of this trumpet design can be seen to be the color red symbolizing the 1st aspect of deity. From out of its flanged throat the thread of pure fohat fire blasts fourth. All of the seven rays in their potentiality or embryonic state can be seen in the rainbow ring around its inner throat. The first ray or aspect of deity always contains the other six rays latently or embryonically within its constitution.

The trumpet, a percussive instrument, is loud and shrill, and parallels outwardly on the physical plane in miniature the blast of first ray force on the inner planes as it is directed by an advanced group of first ray devas who work on the first atomic sub-plane of all the planes. It is those groups of maha-devas whose task it is to bring an end to form life when the usefulness of those forms has expired. Although the Tibetan may be specifically referring to the disintegrative sound of the first ray in this formula 3, which brings death to all outer forms, the vortex or trumpet design is equally found in all ray expressions in some variation. Since all occult energies or forces from the highest levels to the lowest are the result of sound enunciated by some entity expressing one of the seven rays, they will by nature conform in spite of their unique differences to some type of vortical or funnel configuration because of their rotary and spiral-cyclical motion.

It is not a coincidence that one of the key symbols of the first ray is the sword. The image of the projected energy being sent out by the figure seen here, and then being received, is one of the trumpet and its sound signature has been reproduced by sensitive electronic equipment and clearly looks like a sword. Like attracts like and sound can either build or it can destroy depending on its uses.

It is those groups of devas whose task it is to bring an end to form life when the usefulness of those forms has expired. Although the Tibetan may be specifically referring to the disintegrative sound of the first ray in this formula, which brings death to all outer forms, the vortex design is equally found in all ray expressions in some variation. Since all occult energies or forces from the highest levels to the lowest are the result of sound enunciated by some entity expressing one of the seven rays, they will by nature conform in spite of their unique differences to some type of spherical-vortex or funnel configuration because of their rotary and spiral-cyclical motio

Figure 40a
Click to see larger image.

Here is an excerpt from the Evans Wentz version of The Tibetan Book of the Dead, or Bardo Thödol, a sacred treatise on the art of transitioning from this world to another more advanced one through the use of Mantra and sound esoterically understood.


“A clue to the power of mantras, as referred to throughout the Bardo Thödol, lies in the ancient Greek theory of music; namely, that, if the key—note of any particular body or substance be known, by its use the particular body or substance can be disintegrated. Scientifically, the whole problem may be understood through understanding the law of vibration. Each organism exhibits its own vibratory rate, and so does every inanimate object from the grain of sand to the mountain and even to each planet and sun. When this røte of vibration is known, the organism or form can, by occult use of it, be disintegrated.

For the adept in occultism, to know the mantra of any deity is to know how to set up psychic or gift—wave communication similar to, but transcending, wireless or telepathic communication with that deity. For example, if the adept be of the left—hand path, that is to say, a black magician, he can, by mantras call up and command elementals and inferior orders of spiritual beings, because to each belongs a particular rate of vibration, and this being known and formulated as sound in a mantra gives the magician power even to annihilate by dissolution the particular elemental or spirit to whom it belongs.

As a highwayman at the point of a gun compels a traveler to give up money, so a black magician with a mantra compels a spirit to act as he wills. On account of this supreme power of sound, when formulated in mantras corresponding to the particular rate of vibration of spiritual beings and of spiritual and physical forces, the mantras are jealously guarded. And, for the purpose of maintaining this guardianship, lines of gurus (i.e. religious teachers) are established in whose keeping the words of power are placed.

Candidates for initiation into this Brotherhood of Guardians of the Mysteries must necessarily be well tested before the Treasures can be entrusted to them, and they themselves* in turn, be made Guardians. Unto the shishya after he has been well tested, the mantra which confers power over the sleeping Goddess KundalinI is transmitted; and when he utters it the Goddess awakens and comes to him to be commanded. Then is the need of the guru great; for the awakened Goddess can destroy as well as save—according as the mantra is wisely or unwisely used. As the outer air vibrates to gross sounds, the inner vital—airs (prāna vāyu) are set in motion and utilized by the use of the sounds of mantras : the Goddess first catches up the subtle occult sound, and, in tones of divine music, she causes it to ascend from her throne in the Root—Support Psychic—Centre to one after another of the Centers above, until its music fills the Lotus of a Thousand Petals and is there heard and responded to by the Supreme Guru. The visualization of a deity, as frequently directed in our text, is often but another way of thinking of the essential characteristics of that deity. A like yoglc effect comes from visualizing or else audibly pronouncing the mantra corresponding to that deity; for, by speaking forth as sound the mantra of any deity, that deity is made to appear. Unless the mantras are properly intoned they are without effect; and when printed and seen by the eye of the uninitiated they appear utterly meaningless—and so they are without the guidance of the human guru.

Furthermore, the correct pronunciation of the mantra of a deity depends upon bodily purity as well as upon knowledge of its proper intonation. Therefore it is necessary for the devotee first to purify, by purificatory mantras, the mouth, the tongue, and then the mantra itself, by a process called giving life to or awakening the sleeping power of the mantra. The occult ability to employ a mantra properly confers supernormal powers called Siddhis, and these can be used, according to the character of the adept, either as white magic for good ends or as black magic for evil ends: the right— and left—hand paths being the same up to this point of practical application of the fruits obtained through psychic development. One path leads upward to Emancipation, the other downward to Enslavement.”

"It [the energy set loose in sacrifice] deals with the purposes and plans of the Silent Watchers over the three planes -- the five, and the seven; it deals with the dynamic force of the great Destroying Angels on all the planes, who will eventually -- through the manipulation of the three forms of energy -- bring to an end all that is. These angels are a mysterious group of fohatic Lives Who sound forth the trumpets of destruction, and by means of the notes sounded produce that shattering which will set loose the energy of forms." (CF:882-83)
Read more in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire , p. 882

Figure 41
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The seven rays are not separate from each other in the common sense of the term, but together form a magnificent multidimensional composite of many spheres. Each sphere can be seen as nesting within or overlapping all of the others. (See Figure 41.) All vibration or motion is the result of the formless impacting upon the gross. When fohat begins its descent and meets resistance from the inertia of the lower planes, it sinuously begins to twist giving us the idea of how the birth of consciousness through the symbolism of motion comes into existence. This is the second aspect of deity which is associated with cyclic-spiral motion, as rotary motion which is associated with the third aspect of deity. This is the basis of the great truth spoken by HPB in the Secret Doctrine that "fohat drills holes in space"

Cyclically and in rhythmic rotation all of the seven rays trumpet or herald their important contribution at one time or another, in pairs or singularly. The trumpet design is long and cylindrical and from its throat the potent thread of fohatic fire, sound, can be heard issuing forth. This "will life" that is essentially formless in its highest state can be recognized by both its power and its ability to manipulate all the different grades of devic life within its periphery.

In the study of conventional electricity we have such an example. The visible flashing of brilliant streams or threads of bright luminous fire is not the electrical current itself but only its effect on the atmosphere or medium through which it manifests or travels. Electricity must ever remain an enigma or mystery until the disciple passes through the divine alchemical fires and knows directly and with certitude what animates the hidden worlds of spiritual energy and force.

The Tibetan further qualifies the funnel design in The Rays and the Initiations, p.42 in this way. This passage is particularly relevant in understanding this third formula for group initiation and has a direct relationship to the third initiation. Read more in The Rays and the Initiations, p. 42

Figure 42
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Figure 42 is an attempt to depict that esoteric truth graphically. It has a distinct difference from figure 40 in that the main body of the trumpet is constructed of all the seven rays instead of just the first ray symbolized by the red. From out of the throat of the funnel escapes the A.U.M depicted in green symbolizing a third ray soul being released from the imprisonment of matter.

We are told by the Tibetan that the trumpet symbolism has a strong fourth ray connotation and relates to the fourth kingdom and the soul ray of humanity. This brief description of the formula and its accompanying images can be said to be an expression of the first and fourth rays. Other interpretations or ray analyses may be equally valid. Many of the historical allegories and symbols found in Christianity and many world religions around sounding trumpets, spiral or elongated horns, are distortions or over-simplifications of these hidden forces we have just outlined. As an example:

"The seventh angel sounded his trumpet and there were loud voices in heaven which said: The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ and he will reign for ever and ever." -- Revelations 11:15.

No symbols can capture or approximate the magnificent hierarchy of revolving forces on the inner planes. The images presented here, however, when animated are useful approximations from a fourth ray point of view that can be used for visualization purposes on the form side of the Great Divide.

Formula Three:
     "The idea of meaning, cause and being underlies the symbology or the significance of the formula with which we are concerned in this instruction. I have pointed out to you before the difficulty of putting these ancient symbols or symbolic writings into such form that they can convey meaning through language. This difficulty is well-nigh insurmountable in connection with this third formula. The reason for this is that this formula has been preserved as sounds or (if I may use so ambiguous a phrase) as trumpeted words. It has not been committed to inscription as have the two previous symbolic formulas which you have already received. All that I can do is to give you a meaning (as far as I myself can understand and you can grasp) of these great sounds or chords, massed together and interspersed with certain very ancient phrases. You know yourselves how difficult it is to express the significance of the sound 0M. This is a still more difficult task; little human thinking has been applied as yet to this Formula but much has been given to the Sacred Word. Until some thought has been applied to what I shall now attempt to give you, it is no easy matter to find the words to express the underlying idea - the idea you can contact at your present point of development.

     "This third formula concerns Time and the consciousness of the spiritual man who is unaware of separation, of divisions in time and space or of the spell of the Great Illusion. It deals with the fact of immortality and with the unshatterable continuity of consciousness and life. It is this formula which - at the third initiation - produces the transfiguration which comes when the Eternal Now is realized and when the continuity of awareness and of identity is seen as an aspect of Being. This formula has been called by one of the Masters "the seed of all philosophies," and in that phrase you may find light on the subject - provided you know what philosophy is!

     "To the initiate who uses this formula, creating the necessary sounds and enunciating the ancient words in due place (and these I may not give you), the following six thoughts are emphasized in his consciousness; these six thoughts will give you the intent of the formula as clearly as is possible. It is not possible to convey to you the true beauty of the concepts, but if you will have in mind the thought of meaning as light on life, of cause as the breath of experience, and of Being as the initiator of all that is, then some vision may come, some dream arise in your consciousness, and some power of accomplishment pour in. The Masters use this formula when faced with death in some form or another (and these words must be used literally). I refer not to death as it may affect them, but to death as it affects God's created universe, producing release or finality, or opening the door to new life and closing the door on a cycle of manifestation, a civilization, or a race or nation.

     "Here, therefore, are the six conditioning thoughts which the initiate holds in his consciousness when using the formula - a formula which is older than the Stanzas of Dzyan:
  1. God IS.  The Lord for aye stands firm.  Being exists alone.  Naught else is.
  2. Time IS.  Being descends to manifest.  Creation is.  Time then and form agree. Being and time do not agree.
  3. Unity IS.  The One between comes forth and knows both time and God.  But time destroys that middle One and only Being IS.
  4. Space IS.  Time and space reverberate and veil the One who stands behind.  Pure Being IS - unknown and unafraid, untouched, for aye unchanged.
  5. God IS.  Time, space, the middle One (with form and process) go, and yet for aye remain.  Pure reason then suffices.
  6. Being cries forth and says:...(untranslatable).  Death crumbles all.  Existence disappears, yet all for aye remains - untouched, immutably the same.  God IS.
Each phrase out of the six has its own symbol at the close of each unit of thought, if I may call it that. These I may not give you or the chords upon which the phrases go forth. I have tried to indicate one of the meanings of the formula, but have not given a translation or a paraphrase. Bear this in mind and as you ponder these six sentences, try to give them an interpretation which will come to you from the world of meaning, producing a practical application, from the world of causes, producing an enlightened understanding, and (if you are far enough along) from the world of being, producing inclusiveness. These formulas have naught to do with personalities or with souls in deep incarnation, identified with form in the three worlds; they concern world movement, great and universal developments, and human progress (as a whole) towards the divine. You cannot yet think in those terms, but you can at least attempt to do so and grow thereby."    (DNA2:283-285)

Read more in Discipleship in the New Age , Vol 2, p. 283

NOTE:   Please notify us if the original designer of the image used in Figure 41 is found, so that we can include proper credits and reference.

Figure 43
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FORMULA 4 for group integration:
      A cautionary note is warranted here. The animated symbol shared here is not simply the personal work of an individual artist but is a potent symbol given by the Master DK for group integration and use. It is specifically constructed to stimulate the different spiritual bodies of the viewer and its use should be discontinued if any discomfort is experienced. It could be classified as a new type of art, but it is primarily constructed to cause a particular condition in the viewer’s perceptions. On the very lowest level and put into a more modern scientific language it has the potential to entrain certain brainwave frequencies and help create a magnetic resonance in the observer which will assist in their meditations and alignments. So important is this new and more esoteric work it will require an entire commentary to outline and explains more fully. The Spiritual Hierarchy is demanding new and more dynamic approaches to group integration that may seem to the untrained eye to be mere entertainment or novelty.

     The use of this type of symbol can become a type of ritual enacted upon the high mental plane when the full creative participation of the student’s imagination or picture making faculties are engaged. “Energy we know follows thought” but only if the interior focus and concentration is powerful enough. This is an important consideration since the higher initiations take place primarily in the causal field and only in the personality or physical brain as a reflex or grounding agent.

     A few key quotes by the Tibetan Master DK on this 4th Group Formula.

     Formula 4 . . . Concerns dynamic energy and is the basis of the true Laya-Yoga; this yoga deals ever with the point within the circle and its relation to other points which condition the evolutionary process. (DINA 2 366)

     Formula Four has a specific effect upon the "jewel in the lotus," awakening it to life; this it does (through effects produced) upon the three planes of the three worlds, thus bringing about changes in the seven wheels (centres) so that the "dynamic point at the centre of each wheel obliterates the lesser points of force, and thus the wheel begins to turn upon itself." DINA 2 250)

     Formula IV . . . Lead us from chaos to Beauty.

     “This formula is presented in the form of a symbol—one which is in such constant movement that it is most difficult to describe or to make it live before you.

     There lies before the investigator a square or oblong, composed of a kaleidoscopic mass of inchoate colours, moving, pulsating and in constant indescribable confusion. Superimposed upon this square is a radiant sun with a penumbra composed of the seven prismatic colours; these radiate from the sun in regular rhythmic bands and produce a marvellous blaze of colour. The background of the square appears to have its confusion of colours shown of a heavy, brilliant kind and quality; the scheme of beauty emerging (even if it appears as superimposed) is translucent and delicate and radiantly living in hue. The heavier background can be distinctly seen through the translucence. This formula differs according to the polarisation of the one who visions it and who studies it. If he is focussed in the personality, and is therefore conditioned by his personality ray, one type of energy will impinge upon his consciousness; if he is soul conscious and soul focussed, another type of energy will have its effect. Thus two different pictures will emerge. Both will be correct, but the interpreting agent will be different.

     This formula, if carefully considered and studied for a number of years, will become a key form by means of which aspects of the creative process will come to the attention of the student, plus revelation as to some of the divine objectives which are wider and of greater and richer implication than has yet been realised. I would here remind you that these formulas are not symbols of what already is, but are indicatory key forms of what may or shall be—a very different matter and one which you should bear in mind. They are symbols of the future and not of the past; they are predictive and not consummating; they reveal what is on the way as the result of the divine thought and are not pictorial presentations of what already is.

     Therefore, they are not easy to grasp and interpret, because it is only the activity of the intuition which will enable you to understand and move forward into the new impulsive causal area. Difficult though this task may be (and, my brother, is), it is of major importance to disciples in training for initiation, because it will steadily tend to facilitate their entry into the world of causes and their emergence from the world of effects. You can see also from this that this formula is related to the Law of Karma; in fact, in the ancient records from which these formulas are taken, Formula IV has the symbol of one of the four Lords of Karma at the four corners of this square or oblong design. This formula is sometimes called that of "the Sun upon the Square." I have no more to say anent this theme at this time or about this formula in this Instruction. All that I am giving you is intended to be suggestive and to develop in you the power to use the interpretive sense—one of the new senses as far as experience and experiment are concerned, but which is latent in every man.” (DINA 2 306-7)

Figure 44
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