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The Rays and the Initiations - Appendix
We are told by the Christ that men "love darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil." Nevertheless, one of the great emerging beauties of the present time is that light is being thrown into every dark place, and there is nothing hidden which shall not be revealed.

When we invoke the Mind of God and say: "Let light stream forth into the minds of men, let light descend on Earth," we are, voicing one of the great needs of humanity and - if invocation and prayer mean anything at all - the answer is certain and sure. When we find present in all people at all times, in every age and in every situation, the urge to voice an appeal to the unseen spiritual Center, there is a fixed surety that such a Center exists. Invocation is as old as the hills or as old as humanity itself; therefore no other argument for its usefulness or its potency is required.

The usual invocative appeal has hitherto been selfish in its nature and temporary in its formulation. Men have prayed for themselves; they have invoked divine help for those they love; they have given a material interpretation to their basic needs. The invocation, lately given to us by [759] the Hierarchy, is a world prayer; it has no personal appeal or temporal invocative urge; it expresses humanity's need and pierces through all the difficulties, doubts and questionings - straight to the Mind and the Heart of the One in Whom we live and move and have our being - the One Who will stay with us until the end of time itself and "until the last weary pilgrim has found his way home."

But the Invocation is not vague or nebulous. It voices the basic needs of mankind today - the need for light and love, for understanding of the divine will and for the end of evil. It says triumphantly: "Let light descend on earth; may Christ return to earth; let purpose guide the little wills of men; let the Plan seal the door where evil dwells." It then sums it all up in the clarion words: "Let light and love and power restore the Plan on Earth." Always the emphasis is laid upon the place of appearance and of manifestation: the Earth.

Already this Invocation is doing much to change world affairs - far more than may appear to your eyes. Much remains to be done. I would ask all students, all men of goodwill and all who are participating in the work of the Triangles and helping to build the network of light and goodwill, to do all that is possible to spread the use of the Invocation. The year 1952 will be a year of spiritual crisis and a year when it should prove possible to close more tightly the door where evil dwells.

The Invocation has been sent out by the combined Ashrams of the Masters and by the entire Hierarchy; it is used by its Members with constancy, exactitude and power. It will serve to integrate the two great centers: the Hierarchy and Humanity, and to relate them both in a new and dynamic manner to the "center where the Will of God is known."

I ask you, therefore, during the coming years to prepare to use and distribute the Invocation and make it a major endeavor. I would have you call all the people in every country in the world (whom you are in a position to reach) to a united voicing of the Invocation on the same day [760] in every land. (World Invocation Day was launched in June 1952, and is held annually on the day of the June (Gemini) Full Moon.) I would ask you to collect all that I have said or written anent the Invocation and then prepare a brief manual as to its use and purpose, putting a copy in the hands of all those who are willing to use it. A comprehension of its origin, meaning and potency will render it far more effective. The year 1952 should see a major turning point in the thinking of humanity, in human goals and human affairs. For implementing this I would ask you to work.

Here you have a short resume of the five most important spiritual results of the present century. The war itself has cleared the way for them. They are a natural and normal outcome of the war and have arisen (with the exception of the Great Invocation) out of the masses of the people and from their thinking; it was also their unvoiced demand and the appeal of their suffering hearts which brought the Invocation to them.

The two other spiritual events which I listed lie, as you know, still in the future. They are the closer approach of the members of the spiritual Hierarchy to our humanity, and the reappearance of the Christ. With these two points I will not deal. I have dealt with the last stupendous event in the book by that name; and in the book, The Externalization of the Hierarchy, I have dealt exhaustively with the emergence of the Hierarchy on to the physical plane.

I am anxious to have you concentrate on the work which is preparatory to these two "emergence"; seek to make the five spiritual events which are already within your working knowledge a definite part of your own spiritual endeavor.

Let humanity constitute your field of service, and may it be said of you that you knew the spiritual facts and were a dynamic part of these spiritual events; may it not be said of you that you knew these things and did nothing about them and failed to exert yourself. Let not time slip by as you work. [761]

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