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Abbreviations for
Books by Helen P. Blavatsky

SD1 The Secret Doctrine, Vol. 1. Cosmogenesis
London: The Theosophical Publishing House, 1893-1921.
SD2 The Secret Doctrine, Vol. 2. Anthropogenesis
London: The Theosophical Publishing House, 1893-1921
SD3 The Secret Doctrine, Vol. 3.
London: The Theosophical Publishing House, 1897-1921
Also: The Secret Doctrine, Index to Vols. 1, 2, & 3
London: The Theosophical Publishing House, 1895-1921

Abbreviations for
Books by Alice A. Bailey

IHS Initiation, Human and Solar
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1922
LOM Letters on Occult Meditation
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1922
CF A Treatise on Cosmic Fire
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1925
WM A Treatise on White Magic
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1934
DNA1 Discipleship in the New Age - Volume I
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1944
DNA2 Discipleship in the New Age - Volume II
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1955
PH Problems of Humanity
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1947
RC The Reappearance of the Christ
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1948
DN The Destiny of the Nations
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1949
GWP Glamour - A World Problem
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1950
TEV Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1950
ENA Education in the New Age
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1954
ExH The Externalization of the Hierarchy
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1957
EP1 Esoteric Psychology I
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1936
EP2 Esoteric Psychology II
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1942
EA Esoteric Astrology
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1951
EsH Esoteric Healing
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1953
R&I The Rays and the Initiations
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1960
LS The Light of the Soul: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1927
LH The Labors of Hercules
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1974
CA The Consciousness of the Atom
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1922
SM The Soul and its Mechanism
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1930
II From Intellect to Intuition
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1932
BC From Bethlehem to Calvary
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1937
UA The Unfinished Autobiography
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1951

The First Ray Word of Power: Urktakplisti

"I assert the Fact."

by Bruce Lyon

The Words of Power form part of a technique that bridges the higher antahkarana between soul and monad. The antahkarana is built in consciousness and when built is discarded as the sutratma is then realized as an energetic reality.

The First Ray Word of Power
Urktakplisti or "I Assert the Fact"

We are told that the first Sensa word is in fact three words and so my hypothesis after working with the formula is that they are a version of this: "I am God."

This is also the 'fact' that is asserted in the Anglo-Saxon translation of the word. "I assert the fact."

The first ray soul has a unique capacity to identify with the Godhead and is raised up through a process of assertion and destruction. This is the path of divine pride and it is difficult to understand or relate to by those who do not have the First Ray strong in their nature.

    "It is the technique of Shamballa and the established right, prerogative and privilege of all first ray souls." (R&I:515-16)

    "It is this divine assertion which holds the universe in being; it is this divine assertion which is the embodied summation of all knowledge and love." (R&I:515)

Knowledge is an understanding of the garment of God. Love is relationship with God. Will is identification with God.

Remember however that this is a technique in consciousness and this forms part of the antahkarana. You will notice then that there is still a subtle duality present in the assertion, "I am God." There is still an 'I' and 'God'. Both cannot coexist, therefore the greater must conquer the lesser.

"Winning does not tempt that man.
This is how he grows: by being defeated, decisively,
by constantly greater beings."
— Rilke

The First Ray soul is not trying to be the best or biggest or the leader (winning does not tempt that man) as is often projected on them by others. They are seeking to get that which is truly greater than man to reveal itself in man. They are like the 'leaders' rising up from the ground in a thunderstorm seeking to attract the lightning. They become transmitters of charge because they offer themselves to electric fire. They become leaders because of their inherent selflessness — which is really a lack of interest in any forms or relationships that are not charged with spirit. They seek freedom and power. True spiritual power does not lie in power over others which is a form of energy exchange and thus is not free. True power lies in identification with essential divinity — the invincibility of the human spirit or monad. They are not seeking to rise higher than anyone else — a relative thing — they are driven more strongly than others by a desire to return home to something absolute — at all cost.

The higher antahkarana leads to the ending of the separation in consciousness between the soul and God. Monadic awareness is not dual or at least not dual in the same way consciousness is dual. The flame that is the monad is aware of itself as an essential part of the Fire of God and therefore 'onward moves in Life'. God absorbs the 'I' and incorporates it. The outward expression is the burning up of the causal body but the preservation and lifting up of 'that which does not burn' — because it is fire itself.

The First Ray soul dares to assert a truth before it is fully embodied in consciousness. "I am God" is a statement that is essentially true for the monad — the core of the individuality — but not completely true for the soul and even less so for the personality.

To the extent that the assertion is untrue then, like all liars, one is hit with spiritual lightning which serves to burn away all that which is false and illusory about the assertion.

My Personal Experience

Before coming to the study of the Tibetan and the Words of Power I had my own version of this invocative process. On three occasions in my life, starting in late teenage years, I used a particular mantram which spontaneously arose in my consciousness.

"Shatter my heart that I may love still more."

I now understand this as the work of a First Ray soul with a Second Ray monad operating through a Fourth Ray personality (the touch of the dramatic).

On each occasion the core experience was of restriction — the forms I was inhabiting being ripe or complete and therefore crystallized. At the beginning these forms were life circumstances and at the end were sheaths of consciousness. On each occasion the use of the invocation at a point of tension resulted in rapid and dynamic change.

So when I came to the Word of Power for the First Ray soul I immediately recognized it as a version of that same impulse. By asserting the fact of my essential divinity — the blueprint of the monad — anything that is unable to withstand that charge falls away.

Another clue for me growing up which maybe useful as a point of recognition to other First Ray souls was my reaction to lightning. A particular type of highly charged electrical storm would have a peculiar effect on my consciousness. The Agni symbol (three balls of fire like the Roerich banner of peace) would begin to spin at my ajna centre often accompanied by either deep inspiration or headaches.

I understood the lightning to be a symbol of my essential energy and in my forties the inner impulse came that the lightning needed to be fully grounded now in the body. As an outer symbol of this I put a lightning tattoo above my heart and used the invocation from my youth along with the First Ray Word of Power. Shortly thereafter I experienced a tremendous surge into my physical body of electrical energy resulting at its high point in the experience of a mild heart attack. Doctors could find no reason for the sudden heart spasm as my heart was healthy and arteries were clear. My own experience however was of a major empowerment followed by a series of kundalini experiences where my etheric body was engulfed in fire.

At the same time I experienced effects in consciousness which I have summed up in other writings. Essentially they have to do with the alignment between the soul and the monad and the gradual transfer of identity from one to the other.

Understanding the Experience

The outer symbol for this process is the relationship between the sun and the black hole at the centre of the galaxy via the heart of the sun. This is an expression of the Formula V: Sun — Black — Antahkarana.

Entering over the event horizon of a black hole is a metaphor for what happens when soul consciousness encounters the monad. The lesser light of the soul is lost in the dark light of Shamballa. Awareness of a self ends and the experience of emptiness, the void or sunyata begins.

This is the experience of being 'lost in Light Supernal' which is a sevenfold light — the result of the seven strands of the antahkarana becoming one. With this loss of soul identity the capacity to mediate or construct visualizations or 'do' anything is also lost. It is an experience of pure Being without a self to be aware of that being. The Self which is that ultimate subject of the universe cannot itself be made an object of a separate subject. Thus the only way to experience it is to be absorbed by it as a drop is absorbed into the ocean.

For a moment outside of time the soul ceases to be and Life is all. Then the assertion of the first ray soul "I am God" is true but there is none to assert it. Then there is a falling back into the realm of soul and consciousness again after the samadhi or satori experience. The work then becomes to deepen and sustain that realization and the sutratma comes more into play.

In the language of Trans-Himalayan esotericism the disciple becomes aware of a direct relationship with the King or Sanat Kumara — not just via the antahkarana or consciousness but through direct identification. Each of us is called by our Father's name because each of us is an expression of God and this expression is anchored via the sutratma in the centre of each heart. We are essentially divine for we are essentially God. Now the disciple not only has an alignment with Godhead but a living touchstone at the centre of their own Being. When they are able to truly act from that place then God is acting and the presence of God is known on earth.

The first ray soul works primarily with energy rather than consciousness itself and it is the transmission of this energy — the Presence of God — that is a sustaining and coherent force in group creations.

Integrating The Experience into Spiritual Living

The First Ray soul tends to isolate (I Sol Ate) and stand aloof because it knows instinctively that it is "The One". This instinctive seed-knowing causes separation when it is applied by any identity other than the Godhead. Therefore the monad must remove the core ahamkaric principle of the soul so that it leaves a hole through which the essential divinity can shine. Before initiation and integration the real battle for the First Ray soul is that between the soul and the monad and there must be a decisive victory (he grows by being defeated, decisively), after which the soul is humbled and able to take its place as a central point in group life with souls of other rays.

The integrated First Ray soul knows that its role in the wider field is to maintain identification with the spirit pole of the spirit/matter duality and thus be in a position to transmit its abstracting power to others whose work it is to identify with other aspects of the divine life. He or she stops being such a destructive and negating force in the building process and is able to rhythmically cooperate with other souls in the releasing or transforming outdated forms and building new ones.

Thus the assertion of the First Ray soul is like the last words of a condemned man. The assertion is not made to the outer world but to the monad or Godhead itself.

"I am God" is the last truth told by the soul after which there is only God acting in the world revealed by the presence of essential divinity shining through the hole where once a soul uttered a word of power.

© August 2010 | Bruce Lyon