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Books by Alice A. Bailey
& Books by Helen P. Blavatsky
Abbreviations for
Books by Helen P. Blavatsky

SD1 The Secret Doctrine, Vol. 1. Cosmogenesis
London: The Theosophical Publishing House, 1893-1921.
SD2 The Secret Doctrine, Vol. 2. Anthropogenesis
London: The Theosophical Publishing House, 1893-1921
SD3 The Secret Doctrine, Vol. 3.
London: The Theosophical Publishing House, 1897-1921
Also: The Secret Doctrine, Index to Vols. 1, 2, & 3
London: The Theosophical Publishing House, 1895-1921

Abbreviations for
Books by Alice A. Bailey

IHS Initiation, Human and Solar
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1922
LOM Letters on Occult Meditation
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1922
CF A Treatise on Cosmic Fire
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1925
WM A Treatise on White Magic
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1934
DNA1 Discipleship in the New Age - Volume I
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1944
DNA2 Discipleship in the New Age - Volume II
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1955
PH Problems of Humanity
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1947
RC The Reappearance of the Christ
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1948
DN The Destiny of the Nations
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1949
GWP Glamour - A World Problem
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1950
TEV Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1950
ENA Education in the New Age
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1954
ExH The Externalization of the Hierarchy
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1957
EP1 Esoteric Psychology I
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1936
EP2 Esoteric Psychology II
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1942
EA Esoteric Astrology
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1951
EsH Esoteric Healing
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1953
R&I The Rays and the Initiations
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1960
LS The Light of the Soul: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1927
LH The Labors of Hercules
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1974
CA The Consciousness of the Atom
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1922
SM The Soul and its Mechanism
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1930
II From Intellect to Intuition
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1932
BC From Bethlehem to Calvary
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1937
UA The Unfinished Autobiography
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1951

Words of Power

Seventh Ray: "The Highest and the Lowest Meet"

by Duane Carpenter
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"Build a temple of the Lord from which the Words of Power can issue forth and many prisoners go free."   (DNA2:337)

The Marriage of Shiva and Shakti

I t is impossible to clarify the great revelation that awaits humanity when in group formation we undergo the great lifting out of the tomb of matter and face for the first time the awesome kundalini fire. This is the experience that awaits all disciples who have purified the lower form, aligned with the soul, and let the principle of love dominate their lives. It is an act or event of Identification, though the word is inadequate to describe this great expansion of the "Will-Life".

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Suddenly slow and rhythmic expansions of consciousness are replaced with an explosion of light that literally projects the initiate forward into realms for which there are no adequate descriptions to qualify the stupendous moment wherein one's whole nature shrinks or contracts before the awesome spectacle of the first aspect of deity. This event destroys for all times the last vestiges of man's attachment to the physical world and connects the highest and lowest centers into one burning expression of fire that then becomes lost in pure silence or the darkness of laya that exists prior to all form life. This is the culminating meaning of the seventh ray word of power, "the highest and the lowest meet."

No one can say they have understood the true meaning of the Seventh Ray Lord until they have first lifted the great serpent power from the base of the spine center to the crown or thousand-petalled lotus. This is the seventh heaven, the seventh seal or gate so often spoken of in vague and cryptic terms by different mystical and metaphysical writers. All occult training in its different departments and grades is a prelude to this awesome lifting, the divine consummation wherein Shakti the great feminine principle fuses with Shiva to rule as one over all creation from their secret abode of electric fire.

Robert Oppenheimer, the famous nuclear physicist, helped recognize and was responsible for the first release historically of kundalini fire in the mineral kingdom. Upon first viewing the great thermo-nuclear explosion of fire and light in the first atomic bomb at White Sands, Nevada, he quoted the Bhagavad-gita when Krishna reveals his true form to Arjuna, blazing with the light of "a thousand suns all risen at once" and says: "Behold, I am Time, the mighty destroyer of worlds, come forth here to annihilate the worlds." (See our Bhagavad-gita link page, for translations and resources online.)

The next statements are important from several points of view: 1) They reflect on the physical plane the powerful transformation that awaits all advanced disciples and initiates who have prepared themselves for this great serpent uprising. 2) What James N. Rose and Robert Oppenheimer say about symbols and their inner significance echoes one of our themes regarding the power of symbolic language and how visual symbols can have a reality on a higher plane of existence.

"When asked some years after viewing the first atomic bomb explosion, he recalled that as he "saw" the billowing glowing atomic cloud of radiation he was in fact seeing the second and third derivatives (factors of mathematical Calculus equations) vanish infinitesimally. His physical eyes were looking at one reality while his mind was appreciating another perception just as conceptually real. Oppenheimer's remark points up the vitality that words and symbols have on their own, separate yet still connected via the realm of physical experience. Symbols may stand in for physical reality but they are experienced on their own and carry as much weight and importance as material things; especially when we accept and enact the involved associations. From The Integrity Papers by James N. Rose titled "The Wisdom of Robert Oppenheimer".  (See the Conceptual Institute website.)

The key phrase in this paragraph is "when we accept and enact the involved associations." "Energy follows thought." Visualization and the picture-making faculty are required in every alignment or meditational form we practice, and invite us to "enact the involved associations" and build the necessary bridges from one body, one sphere, plane, or ray to another.

Here is a quote by DK clarifying the law of correspondence and how, by creating links or bridges from one divine principle to another, a wider and more expanded view can be grasped.

"We must resign ourselves to the fact that the only way in which we can find the clue to the mystery of the rays, systems, and hierarchies, lies in the study of the law of correspondences or analogy. It is the one thread by which we can find our way through the labyrinth, and the one ray of light that shines through the darkness of the surrounding ignorance." (IHS:6)

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Identification: The Divine Breath

    10.   Father-Mother spin a Web, whose upper end is fastened to Spirit, the Light of the One Darkness, and the lower one to its shadowy end, Matter; and this Web is the Universe, spun out of the Two Substances made in One, which is Svabhavat.

    11.   It expands when the Breath of Fire is upon it; it contracts when the Breath of the Mother touches it. Then the Sons dissociate and scatter, to return into their Mother's Bosom, at the end of the Great Day, and re-become one with her. When it is cooling, it becomes radiant. Its Sons expand and contract through their own Selves and Hearts; they embrace Infinitude.

H.P.Blavatsky. Secret Doctrine I, Stanzas of Dyzan, Stanza III. SD1.pdf
Flipping books, SD1, SD2, SD3, SD Index

The science of the breath is the science of laya yoga and the supreme technique whereby man is taught to control all the inner forces of his different bodies and sheathes. There are many levels of pranayama. The first operates through the seventh ray charging and distributing the etheric forces throughout man's tiny system; the last operates through the first ray and has to do with awakening the great and powerful kundalini fire. The divine word of power is carried forward on the fire breath of God, and is the one all-pervading sound that peals forth through the logoic plane.

When the disciple has done the preliminary work of soul infusion he will learn the technique whereby he will fan the fires of matter until they become combustible. Then the first and seventh rays will fuse and the indwelling spirit returns to its source. Only when the disciple can "stand in spiritual being" will he understand the occult terms of divine indifference, identification, and isolated unity. Only when his "eye is single" will his body and his whole being be filled with light supernal.

When the individual breath of one's personal existence is relinquished and one submits to the divine breath—or the divine breath takes over—all the veils are rent and the serpent power will rise in all its glory burning out the last of the hindering veils. All "directional sounds" which constitute one or other of the seven cosmic paths of return for humanity will first be found in the personality ray and the soul ray. It is only when the greater light of spirit and the lesser light of matter merge that all can all be known.

When one's individual breath is relinquished to the greater breath of the group life, then breath as we understand the term will cease, the monad will absorb the spark, and silence will finally reign supreme. Only those initiates who have learned the technique of "occult breath" and "occult obedience" can know their existence has always dwelt in another place outside of both time and space. Only then can we speak the liberating "words of power" that will free the prisoners of the planet and set ablaze in all human hearts the desire for inner growth and spiritual realization. In this regard the Tibetan has said:

"The will and the breath, my brother, are occultly synonymous terms. In this statement you have the clue to the ending of maya. God is the ONE WHO can withdraw and, in withdrawing, dispel, dissipate and devitalize all that has been created—using those words in their fullest significance."  (GWP:245)

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