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Visit Flash Explorations at the Liquid Journey Website

See notes about sources for the scripts used in the slideshow.

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The slideshow requires fairly high resolution & free computer resources.

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Notes on the Slideshow:

Except for Number 7, all of the action scripts used in the slideshow were created by Gary Stasiuk and came from the Liquid Journey Website (   I played with the original scripts -- changing sizes, testing different colors, parameters, speeds, etc.

Thank you Liquid Journey for your generosity in making those scripts available!!!   The Flash art on the Liquid Journey website is splendid, innovative, and sophisticated.

The original script for the roulettes in No. 7 came from Jared Tarbell's great website,   Thank you!

-- Marilyn

All the animations require Flash Player 9 or higher and need a fairly high resolution to move comfortably.   They also require a high speed web connection.

If your computer is busy with security scans or other routines, the scripts may run in an inhibited or jerky way.   Give them another chance when your computer is quiet.

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