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The Rays and the Initiations - Appendix
An Esoteric Fragment

Where is the gate, O Lanoo, which guards the triple-way?

Within the sacred heart of Him Who is the threefold Path. I reach the gate and pass within, entering thus the Heart, through the means of wide compassion.

How many gates are there, O Passer on the Way?

The gates are seven, each leading to the center of a great sphere of bliss. By the one who seeks to know, the first gate must be found. That entered, in periodic cycles he will find the other six.

You speak of wide compassion as the key that opens wide the gates. Explain in words the simplest the need that this involves.

The need of gentle mercy, which knows and sees yet understands; the need of tears of crystal to wash away a brother's sins; the need of fiery courage that can hold a brother's hand, and lift and elevate him though all the world cry "nay"; the need of comprehension, that has experienced and knows; the occult sense of oneness must guide unto the gate.

What else will lead a man to the portal of the Path?

Compassion first and conscious oneness; then death to every form that holds and hides the life; next wisdom linked with learning, and the wise use of the Word; speech of an occult nature and the silence of the Center, held in the noise of all the world.

Can you, O Lanoo, blend these thoughts into a threefold charge?

First Oneness, then the Word, and lastly Growth. [765]

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