7. The Path of Absolute Sonship Excerpts

The Rays and the Initiations - Part Two - Section One - The Aspirant and the Mysteries of Initiation:   Path VII

7.  The Path of Absolute Sonship

As I have previously pointed out, not much can be given out concerning this mysterious Path which leads into a triangle (if I may so express it) formed of three lines of energy of differing and greatly varying vibratory effectiveness. This triangle is in the nature of an open door, presenting unique and unprecedented opportunity to Those Who discover this Path. Just as one of the seven Paths produced ultimately relationship to the Pleiades, so this Path relates our solar system to the constellation of the Great Bear. You have, therefore, the following triangle composed of one stream of energy emanating from the Great Bear, another stream of energy issuing from the Heart of the Sun or from our Solar Logos, and the base line constituted of the seven streams of energy which come from our seven sacred planets. The potency and the effectiveness of this triangle is therefore unique and apparent; it produces relation between our system, our planets and the universe. This "open" triangle presents opportunity to Those Lives Who, from the other side of the triangle to that presented to our solar system and its contents, seek to help our solar system and bring the non-sacred planets to the point of liberation which is their particular goal. Through this triangular door all the great Avatars enter our system and "find the Point where They can serve."

The inflow of extra-solar energy is what produces the seven cosmic Paths. There is no such grouping as the seven solar Paths. In most cases, the Paths lead away from our solar system altogether.

If you will study the more abstruse teaching (more veiled and more symbolic than this) you will find certain statements made which - to the esotericist - will throw much light on the simpler presentations in this Treatise on the Seven Rays. It is simpler because only those points are given which carry in them the germ of possible enlightenment to the general public. A Treatise on Cosmic Fire is not written for the general public; it is strictly a presentation of truth for the initiated disciple. Its line is strictly a first ray and third ray presentation, whilst this Treatise is strictly a second ray approach. This is a statement warranting careful thought, and one that has as yet received no recognition.

Among the changes necessitated by the abnormally rapid development of mankind, with its consequent stepping up of the qualities of disciples, is the fact that no longer does the Master - faced at the sixth initiation with a stupendous decision to make - enter upon the indicated Path entirely blindly, as heretofore. He is now given a revelation of the true united goal of the seven Paths and likewise a vision of their varying intermediate, individual goals. Hence the name of the fifth initiation is that of the "Initiation of Revelation." He can thus make His decision with opened eyes and unblended by the glory.

One point requires elucidation here. The whole standard of the mental equipment of entering disciples is so much higher than it used to be, owing to the mental and intuitive development of man, that this fact has forced corresponding changes within the Hierarchy itself. The Masters Who are now moving forward on to the Path of the Higher Evolution are equally of much greater unfoldment; the will aspect is present to a great degree (little as you may realize it), and this is a new factor, conditioning much. Love and intelligence distinguished the Masters up to three hundred years ago. Love and intelligence and will distinguish Them today. This again is another reason for the comprehensive changes made and it is interesting to note that the bulk of the changes are due to the response of men to the hierarchical work. It is humanity that has forced these events of so far-reaching a nature; mankind has also forced revelations which it had been believed could not be given to men for thousands of years or until the sixth root-race had come into being. An instance of the expansion of the information given can be noted in connection with the second Path. Nothing is mentioned in my earlier presentation of the seven Paths inInitiation, Human and Solar of a conditioning constellation. In A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, I mention that energy enters our system from an unknown source, via Gemini. In this latest contribution on the subject I mention that Libra, the Balances, is involved. Thus there are found on this Path of Magnetic Work two blended influences, those of Gemini and Libra. You have, therefore:

The dual energy of Gemini is brought to a point of balance by means of the influence of Libra, and this balanced and dual energy is released then into our solar system. This entering stream of balanced energies forms the second Path. I have given you much information in the above statement.

I have asked A.A.B. to incorporate at the close of this instruction a passage from A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, for this teaching anent the seven Paths is as a climaxing comment. I shall not enlarge upon it, but if you have spiritual imagination and speculative ability you can comprehend much. I have also asked A.A.B. to add to this instruction the seven tabulations earlier given so as to complete and round out this triple presentation. I do not urge you to study or to give much time to the consideration of the seven paths. The treading of one or other of those Paths lies far ahead of you, and it would be a waste of time. I would however remind you that every effort to live rightly, beautifully and usefully, to control the mind and to achieve loving understanding, lays the foundation for right decision at the sixth initiation; some day you too will stand at this point of unique choice and it is what you do here and now which will determine the way which you will go.

An Extract from A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Pages 1243-1266

    The seven Paths, at a certain stage which may not be defined, become the four Paths, owing to the fact that our solar system is one of the fourth order. This merging is effected in the following way:

  •     The initiates upon Path I "fight their way" on to Path VI.
  •     The initiates upon Path II "alchemise themselves" on to Path VII.
  •     The initiates upon Path III through "piercing the veil" find Themselves upon Path V.

    This leaves Path IV to be accounted for. Upon this Path pass all those who, through devotion and activity combined, achieve the goal but who lack as yet the full development of the manasic principle. This being the solar system of love-wisdom or of astral-buddhic development, the fourth Path includes the larger number of the sons of men. In the Hierarchy of our planet the "Lords of Compassion" are numerically greater than the "Masters of the Wisdom." The former must therefore pass to the sun Sirius there to undergo a tremendous manasic stimulation, for Sirius is the emanating source of manas. There the mystic must go and become what is called "a spark of mahatic electricity."

    These seven Paths are not concerned with nature or the balancing of the pairs of opposites. They are concerned only with unity, with that which utilizes the pairs of opposites as factors in the production of Light.