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The music player above is an adaptation of an original music player designed by John Bezanis:

Music Credits:

Aine Minogue.   Album: CELTIC LAMENTATIONS - Healing Music For Twelve Months And A Day:

Julia Lane (Celtic Harp, Voice), Fred Gosbee (Violin, Viola, Woodwinds, Guitar, Voice). ALBUM: TAPESTRY 1 - Ladies, Castlebay Music:

Jimmy Barnes.   Album: OLD SAILOR'S CHRISTMAS:   Email:   Address: 2627 Mariaville Rd., Mariaville, ME 04605   (207) 537-3892

Christopher West's piano music and CDs are widely available on the web. I could not find a wesbite devoted specifically to his work.

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Winter Solstice Greetings & Bright Blessings to all who see this page, from Marilyn in Maine

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