The Seven Cosmic Paths

Excerpts from: A Treatise on Cosmic Fire

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Path VII

The passage below is an excerpt from:
Alice A. Bailey.  A Treatise on Cosmic Fire.
(New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1962/1925), p. 1266.
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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Three - Division B - The Nature of the Cosmic Paths:   Path VII

Path VII - The Path of Absolute Sonship

This Sonship is a correspondence on the highest plane to that grade of discipleship which we call "Son of the Master." It is the Sonship to a Being higher than our Logos of Whom we may not speak. It is also the great controlling Path of Karma. The Lipika Lords are upon this Path, and all who are fitted for that line of work, and who are close to the Logos in a personal and intimate sense pass to this seventh Path. It is the Path of the special intimates of the Logos and into their hands He has put the working out of karma in the solar system. They know His wishes, His will and His aim, and to Them He entrusts the carrying out of His behests. This group, associated with the Logos, forms a special group linked to a still higher Logos.

These two paths enter into cosmic states of consciousness as inconceivable to man as the consciousness of the Ego of a human being is to an atom of substance. It is unnecessary and profitless therefore to enlarge further upon these exalted states.